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 Note: Phone number and address change.  Place orders by phone.  Do not use the shopping cart. Thank you, Wayne  309-335-1399

About the W-D-3 Catfish, Sturgeon, and Gamefish system.

This is the ONLY FLOATABLE BAIT AND WORM SYSTEM FOR CATFISH ON THE MARKET. Refer to ordering and pricing sheet for the catfishing systems. Floatable Bait and Worm System for Flathead Catfish


2.Bait shelf life is indefinite.
3.Free flyers explain How and Why.
4.Video available more How and Why
5.Cell Number –Questions or Problems (Guaranteed) -- Talk directly to inventor & manufacturer.  309-335-1399
6.Good for ALL SPECIES of catfish, sturgeons and game fish.
7.Quality line, Power pro 10 to 80 lbs.

Hello, Let me introduce myself.  My name is Wayne Schefsky. I am the inventor and manufacturer of a one-of-a-kind fishing system called W-D-3.

I have been fishing since I was just a very young lad (about the age of 7 in fact.)  I was an only child, with no brothers or sisters to play with, and unlike a lot of other young people who were into fast cars and the like, I went to the canal or the river bank almost every day to fish and listen to the “stories” of the “old-timers”.  I learned an awful lot from those fellas-tricks and tips that still work today.

I brought out the W-D-3 system in June of 1995.  The system was an immediate success, with plenty of testimonials and publicity from fishing magazine, including “In Fisherman” magazine, along with too many newspapers to recall. It was and still is, in my opinion, the only true catfish and game fish system on the market.

One secret is the floating worm and the floating catfish bait. Together they give the worm double buoyancy, floating above the weeds, snags, rocks, etc., but still close and within the strike zone. In a current, the worm wiggles and moves from side to side, up and down, imitating something alive, further enticing Mr. Cat to strike. I actually call the worm a catfish lure as that is what it does-it lures the catfish to strike!

Channels, Blue Cats, Flatheads, Sturgeons, Gamefish, Fresh & SaltwaterSecondly, the catfish bait and worm work hand in hand, since they were made for each other. The worm absorbs the bait and the bait clings to and absorbs into the worm. This eliminates wasted bait and lots of cleanup, and leaves more bait to entice the catfish. Another plus is that the bait does not wash away when it hits the water, nor will it flip off all over the boat, your fishing buddy, etc., when you cast because the bait is absorbed into the worm.  In fact, the worm absorbs the bait so well that when you are finished fishing, you have to slap the worm into/onto the water several times to get the excess bait out, even if you have only baited it up a couple of times. Just remember to air dry the worm, do not enclose it until it is completely dry.

This same system also works great for all gamefish, trout, walleye, bass, crappies, etc. I also am coming out with a system that works wonderfully for ocean fishing.  When you order this system you will receive all of the information that you will need to catch fish consistently.

Thank you for your interest in the W-D-3 Catfish, Sturgeon, and Game Fish System.


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